Sizain 1644 Barcelona Spain KM#35 copper under French protectorate Louis XIV


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Sizain 1644 Barcelona, Spain, KM#35, under French protectorate, King Louis XIV as count

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The Catalan Republic (Catalan: República Catalana) was a short-lived independent state under French protection proclaimed in 1641 by the Junta de Braços of the Principality of Catalonia led by Pau Claris, during the Reapers’ War (1640-1652). 
As the conflict with the Spanish Monarchy escalated, the Junta de Braços (States-General) of Catalonia, headed by the President of the Deputation of the General of Catalonia (or Generalitat) Pau Claris, proclaimed the Catalan Republic on 17 January 1641. On 23 January 1641 the Braços Generals led by Pau Claris proclaimed Louis XIII of France as Count of Barcelona, putting the Principality of Catalonia under French sovereignty. Louis XIII was succeeded upon his death in 1643 by Louis XIV, who remained Count of Barcelona until 1652, when Catalonia was reincorporated into the Spanish Monarchy.(Taken from Wikipedia)