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Severus Alexander Amasia Pontus AE36 225-226 RPC 6466 Altar of Zeus Sol Eagle

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Severus Alexander, AE36, Amasia, Pontus, Dated CY 228(225-226)

RPC IV Online 6466; RG 105.

Obv.: AΥT K CЄOΥHΡOC AΛЄΞANΔΡOC, Laureate, draped, and cuirassed bust of Severus Alexander right, seen from behind.
Rev.: TAΔΡ CЄΥ AΛЄΞ AMACIAC MH NЄ  ΠΡ ΠON  ЄT  C  KH, Altar of Zeus Stratius surmounted by eagle standing facing, wings spread, head to left; above, facing quadriga driven by Sol; to left of altar, tree.
24.47 g
35.6 mm
Provenance: From the George Henry Carman Collection; Ex: Coin Galleries, Mail Bid Sale (04/1976), lot 1189 (with ticket).
Graded by NGC Choice VF but it was cut off the slab.