Nicopolis Moesia AE25 Macrinus Nymphaeum


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Nicopolis, Moesia, AE25, Macrinus

Graded by NGC XF, Strike: 5/5, Surface: 3/5, repatinated(Broke out of the slab, only the paper pictured from NGC is left).

AMNG I 1719; Price-Trell 48 Taf. 49. Fig. 70; Moushmov 1239(Appear to be the same die on the reverse).
Obv.: ΑΥ Κ ΟΠΠΕΛ CΕΟΥΗΡΟC ΜΑΚΡΙΝΟC, laureate bust of Macrinus right.
Rev.: ΥΠ ΑΓΡΙΠΠΑ ΝΙΚΟΠΟΛΙΤΩΝ ΠΡΟCΙCΤΡΩ•, the Nymphaeum at Nicopolis (a semi-circular building with two stories of colonnaded porticos, the whole covered by a flat roof or removable awning, arched entrance with closed double doors).
11.03 g
25.1 mm
From the Historical scholar collection.

From Price & Trell, pp. 43-44 :
“The nymphaeum was a temple of decorative type, dedicated to the nymphs and often included a watering place. The nymphaeum as a public building was quite rare in ancient times and only five coin buildings have been termed monumental nymphaea… at Rome, Hadrianopolis, Neocaesarea, Pella in Syria, and Nicopolis.”