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Galba Sestertius 68-69 Rome RIC 358v Roma Victory Sesterce

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Galba, Sestertius, 68-69, Rome

RIC I (second edition) Galba 358v (Victory not on globe).
Obv.: IMP SER GALBA CAES AVG TR P, Bust of Galba, laureate and draped, right.
Rev.: ROMA  S C, Roma, helmeted, in military dress, standing at angle to left, holding Victory in right hand and spear in left.
26.51 g
32.7 mm
Provenance: Ex. CNG 115 (16 September 2020), lot 631 (Hammered 3250$US); Ex. The New York Sale, Auction 45 (8 January 2019), Lot 257 (Unsold); Ex. Dix Noonan Webb 139 (15 February 2017), lot 33 (Hammered £4000)(From A Distinguished Collection of Roman Bronze Coins, the Property of a Gentleman); Ex. Purchased from Baldwin’s inventory, 2 March 1937.