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Galba Corinth Corinthia Achaea AE20 68-69 RPC 1215 Nike

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Galba, Corinth, Corinthia, Achaea, AE20, 68-69, L. Cani Agrippa duumvir

RPC I 1215.

Obv.: SVL GAL GALBA IMPE, bare head right.
Rev.: L CAN AGRIPP AE IIVIR  CO R across field, Nike advancing left, holding wreath and palm.
6.81 g
20.4 mm
Ex. ANE coins(06/2023); Ex. Numismatik Lanz München, Auction 109, lot 332(27/05/2002); Ex. CNG Shop item 732466 (ND).
Partially tooled as the obverse legend has been retooled from the original, SVL GAL CAE AVG IMP.