Constantine I the Great Follis 310-318 Trier RIC Unlisted Sol Constantin


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Constantine I, AE Nummus(Follis), 310-318, Trier, Officina #2

RIC Unlisted (The only similar one we found was in a CGB sale, Live Auction September 2018 (11/09/18), lot 491150, hammered at 1050€, the style being similar it is not insane to think that the same die sinker made both even if they are not the same issues. To be noted that they are from the same mint and officina).
Obv.: CONSTANTINVS P F AVG, Bust of Constantine I, laureate, cuirassed, right.
Rev.: SOLI INVICTO COMITI, Sol, radiate, chlamys draped across left shoulder, standing left with head facing, raising right hand and holding globe in left hand (officina B), T F in the field and BTR in exergue.
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19.7 mm
Bought from Karl Stephens Inc. January 2024.