Bu Heng Qian spade of Wang Mang 7-23 China Hartill 9.29 Chine 中国


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Bu Heng Qian spade of Wang Mang(Weight One Thousand), 7-23, China
Hartill 9.29(with the line over the hole).
15.46 g
53 mm

Wang Mang (Chinese: 王莽) (45 BCE – 6 October 23 CE), courtesy name Jujun (Chinese: 巨君; pinyin: Jùjūn), officially known as the Shijianguo Emperor (始建國天帝), was the founder and the only emperor of the short-lived Chinese Xin dynasty. He was originally an official and consort kin of the Han dynasty and later seized the throne in 9 CE. The Han dynasty was restored after his overthrow, and his rule marked the separation between the Western Han dynasty (before Xin) and Eastern Han dynasty (after Xin). Traditional Chinese historiography viewed Wang as a tyrant and usurper, while more recently, some historians have portrayed him as a visionary and selfless social reformer. During his reign, he abolished slavery and initiated a land redistribution program. Though a learned Confucian scholar who sought to implement the harmonious society he saw in the classics, his efforts ended in chaos.
Wang Mang’s late reign saw large-scale peasant rebellions, most notably the revolt of the Red Eyebrows. In October 23 CE, the capital Chang’an was attacked and the imperial palace ransacked. Wang Mang died in the battle.